Monday 8 October 2012

The Children's Referendum - Saturday, 10th November 2012

The Government has published the 31st Amendment of the Constitution Bill, which sets out the wording to put to the people in the Children’s Referendum on Saturday, 10th November. Ahead of the Referendum, the Government is mounting a major Information Campaign to outline and explain the proposed constitutional changes, to ensure that the public fully understands the proposed Amendment. A dedicated new website provides information on the referendum. This Referendum proposes to place a dedicated Article in the Constitution, which has children as its central focus.

This Referendum is about strengthening the Constitution:
• to protect children from abuse and neglect by putting their safety and welfare at the centre of decision making.
• to support families; State intervention will be required to be proportionate, in line with the Government’s policy of continuing development of early-intervention and family support services to protect children in their home.
• to treat all children equally on key issues such as adoption, regardless of the marital status of their parents.
• to recognise children in their own right by providing an express statement of each individual child’s inherent rights and giving Constitutional recognition to the best interests and views of the child, in court cases affecting their life.

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