Thursday 5 September 2013

Beal Boru, Killaloe, & Brian Boru's March

"To the sound of Brian Boru's March, recorded live at the Sunday Market in Killaloe, County Clare, images of Beal Boru - Brian's fort about a mile outside Killaloe on the banks of Lough Erne/River Shannon. April 23rd 2014 sees the 1000th anniversary of the death of my ancestor Brian Boru (Brian Bóroimhe mac Cennétig) at the battle of Clontarf, Dublin. The O'Brien Clan is planning a number of significant events in conjunction with in and around Killaloe, Cashel, Clontarf and in Armagh where Brian is buried." Posted on Youtube on the 27th of August 2013 by Moira O'Brien.

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