Friday 15 November 2013

Annual Christmas Craft Fair in Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon

The annual Christmas Craft Fair will take place in Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon from Friday 29th November until Friday 6th December. There will be a variety of crafts on display, from knitted items, artwork and jewellery to homemade cakes, sweets and buns. All items for sale are handmade by local craftspeople. Admission is free.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh how I wish I could be there! Be sure to post more pics of the handmade items in future posts.

Unknown said...

I tried to attend this fair on Saturday November 30th. I had seen fliers posted on various face book market pages, and was really looking forward to it .Sadly, after a 35 minute drive I arrived to find it CLOSED. It was almost 2 pm.I read the flier which was posted in the library window,thinking somehow I had made a mistake or misread the information, but no according to the flier the craft fair should be on today. I was standing there wondering if they had closed for lunch, when the door was unlocked and a young woman was letting another lady out ! I asked about the craft fair, and was informed by this young woman that the craft fair was closed for the day. It was just open during Library hours.Not being from the area, and having traveled specifically to Shannon,I informed the woman that none of this was written on the flier !Like most people I work Monday to Friday, the only day I could attend was Saturday, and if closed at 2pm, it should have been clearly stated on all advertising mediums.The young woman then informed me that " it was not her fault, that the person responsible for the fliers had forgotten to put it on there !Needless to say I will not be going out of my way to attend this craft fair again.

Unknown said...

Hi Helen,

I sincerely apologise that you were disappointed to arrive at Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon at 2pm last Saturday to find that we were closed.

Just to give you a little background to the Christmas Craft Fair at Shannon library: every year, local craftspeople in the Shannon area are invited to take part in a Christmas Craft Fair in the library. A number of meetings are held between during the months of September, October and November and during that time a committee is set up of the craftspeople involved. The library provides the space free of charge to the craftspeople to display and sell their crafts and has done so for 28 years.

I completely accept your point that all advertising should have clearly stated that the craft fair is only open during library opening hours and indeed I expressed my concerns to members of the Craft Fair organising committee about the fact that this was not clearly printed on the Craft Fair posters. When staff here at the library discovered that it wasn’t printed on the posters, we changed it on as many posters as we could. The poster on the door of the library was also changed to say ‘open during library hours’.

Seán Lemass Public Library is open late on Tuesdays and Fridays until 8pm. Full opening hours may be found here’

Kind regards,

Catherine Griffin
Acting Senior Library Assistant
Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon
061 364266