Monday 11 November 2013

Children's Book Festival 2013 in Shannon Library

This year’s Children’s Book Festival in Seán Lemass Public Library was another huge success. The first event on the 3rd October was a visit from Juliette Saumande, author of ‘Chop-Chop, Mad Cap!’ The group of children from 3rd class at St. Tola's National School loved hearing all about how Juliette comes up with ideas for her books and they had plenty of questions for her about writing and illustrating children's books. They particularly enjoyed drawing their own superhero identities.
The second event, on Tuesday 15th October was a Bookmaking Workshop with Lisa Fingleton. 14 children attended from St. John's National School. This was an excellent and truly interactive experience for the children involved. Lisa was keen to hear about their favourite books and why they love particular authors. The children created their own books during the workshop and were then invited to read their stories out to the rest of the group.
On the 17th October, Shannon library hosted the Ice Age Adventure Show. 60 children from 4th class at St. Conaire's National School attended. The children were shown fossils and images which illustrated the Ice Age and as they were studying it in school, they had lots of questions and comments to make on everything discussed.
The last event for Children's Book Festival in Seán Lemass Public Library, Shannon was not one but two puppet shows from the Callback Theatre company. The shows called 'Dorothy DoLittle's Magical Adventure' took place on the morning of Friday 18th October. Two groups of children from junior classes in St. Conaire's and Cratloe National Schools were lucky enough to be in the audience for these events. The Dorothy DoLlittle show was all about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity and children particularly loved the characters of Ronnie-Run-A-Lot and Clarence Carrot and of course, Dorothy DoLlittle herself.

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