Tuesday 12 November 2013

'Move It' science roadshow in Scariff Public Library

'The ‘Move it’ science roadshow, which took place in Scariff Public Library on 11th November, was just the antidote to a grey and cold Monday morning for pupils of Scariff national school; fun, interesting and even educational. Celebrating Science Week, the fast-moving show exploring forces saw pupils try out home made hovercraft, cover their ears from mighty explosions and inflate marshmallows using the pressure of air.
The presentation had lots of exciting, interactive experiments and interesting scientific facts making for a very accessible session for all. Pupils attention never flagged and it was commented that it was the best presentation ever seen in the library. By far the most popular experiment of the session was when a teacher was asked to sit on a stool of nails!

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Donna OShaughnessy said...

Amazing effort you all put forth for your community. The children in your area are so blessed to have you! Now I must find out how to inflate a marsh mellow. Do you think you can do a tutorial?