Friday 23 October 2015

Morglor Award Concert for Eoin O'Neill, Encore Set, Ennis, October 2015

Part of encore set featuring Brid O'Gorman. With Eoin O'Neill, Dermot Byrne, Tim Collins, Kevin Crawford, Quentin Cooper, Adam Shapiro, Jon O'Connell and Luka Bloom. Playing the Gold Ring and the Leitrim Jig followed by an unknown reel.

Part of encore set with Eoin O'Neill, Joan Hanrahan, Brid O'Gorman, Yvonne Casey, Lorraine O'Brien, Dermot Byrne, Kevin Crawford, Tim Collins, Quentin Cooper, Terry Bingham, Kevin Griffin, Adam Shapiro, Luka Bloom, Jon O'Connell and Aoibheann Queally.

Morglor Award Concert for Eoin O'Neill, Glor, Ennis, October 2015. Posted on Youtube on the 15th of October 2015 by Robert Singer.

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